Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caving In

Derp; caved in and made a new blog. I encourage my followers or anyone who finds this page to tap into their more...deviant side ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've been hiding at my girlfriend's house for a bit, and I'm back for now. I've discovered a delicious and easy to make food; fried naan.

1. Buy naan
2. Fry on one oz. of virgin olive oil until dark brown
3. Eat it. It's amazing. You can eat it with meat (I cooked lamb), or ice-cream. It's cheap and easy to do, just try it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I flew in an airplane today.

Going from the Bay Area to Portland, and I was a bit more nervous than if I were flying on a different date.

Today is the 11th of Sept, a monumental date to Americans who were old enough to understand its implications nine years ago. This won't be a long rant, but more of a question to those Americans(or not) reading this. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives due to preventable causes; dysentery, malaria, war. Do you think it's justifiable for Americans to see the ~3,500 deaths nine years ago as a major national tragedy, or are we overreacting considering it's a statistically trivial amount in comparison to the daily horrors we are generally naive to?

Infinite respect to those who have died that day nine years ago and those fighting to prevent it from recurring since then.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Epic Story Time

         True story of today, in the second person. I know ya'll said you want pictures more, I'll post more after.

           He will buy a mansion. It’s raining today, and it hasn’t rained in months. This is his first time playing the lottery, and the ticket sits folded and neglected on an oak dresser in the corner of his bedroom.  It had become apparent to him that furiously sweeping the bar on the ticket would not work until it would activate two days after he purchased the ticket at the Safeway a few blocks from his home. He had driven home in his green, paint chipped and equally neglected car with the nonchalant demeanor of “It’s ok, I can wait two days.”
            He will buy a Ferrari.  Two days later, he gets to the Safeway at 7:30pm, and after marching to the scanner it further denies him a prize. It had become equally apparent he would need to wait until 8pm to claim any potential jackpots. He scurries to the Starbuck’s stand a few meters away and order the Grande Frap he knows he can soon afford.  He scurried out of the Safeway into the safety of his car. He sits in the idle car as David Brubeck plays a tune on NPR; it isn’t Take Five, but he knows it is Brubeck.  He opens his eyes after the song finishes. 9:59pm. Cruelest of moments in his life, and although normally patient he could swear he was watching paint dry, ice melt, his vitality whither. He decides he will figure out who my true friends are once he is am wealthy.  It is 8pm.
            He will buy a yacht. The artificial illumination is exceptionally bright, and what sounds like elevator music is gracing his ears, the smell of fruit dances near the checkouts.  The neglected ticket is now my prizefighter, champion of what he deserves and has earned. The four small children putting pennies in the CoinStar gaze upwards in awe as he exchanges a look at his ticket, the air conditioned grocery pushing some moisture off his brow. The ticket is swiped, and there is an electronic beep.
           He slowly paced to his car, still shaking from the excitement. Jesus tapdancing Christ. I lost The Game.

Sorry loyal readers, lost $1 on the Lotto today and I thought I'd have you share my pain. Plus it's been a while since you've lost The Game. 

Pictures 3

I have a few pictures left to share before I either find or make original content, so enjoy! I appreciate the positive feedback and views I've gotten so far, and hopefully will provide things worthy of praise. I've considered making a tutorial for how to create some of the images I've shown/will be showing, as well as possibly taking requests. 

Enough of the blablabla, enjoy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

People Like Cats

It was so obvious, I should have known it from the beginning. Pretty words pale in comparison to posting cute animals, so cute animals you shall receive! Also, please don't say "hai i really liked your stuffs here's my site follow me", I'll delete it. If you comment "nice stuff mate, I like the lighting." and you happen to have an interesting blog name/premise, I assure you I'll check it out; I just have to click your name and go to your blog.
Horray they uploaded well! Morsels I crafted with Photoshop and a program I haven't used in a long time, Apophysis.  

Picture's Two

I'm a huge stats whore, and I'm happy I'm almost at 1000 views(not counting my own incessant refreshing to see how many followers I have). I know I have ~250 followers and only 50 or so of those are actually interested in story I posted, and I have another coming up soon. I'll add pictures to this post at some point; sorry ahead of time for the poor quality.

Ocelot(I think) in the Munich Zoo(Germany) Horray, decent quality!