Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of my piece of fiction, comment, and enjoy! Much love and thanks for the clicks/views <3

Alexis whispered, asking me what I was thinking about, and I could feel the moisture from her breath collect and dissipate on my outer ear.  A light drizzle pattered on the gravel roof while critters ran into the shelter of the nearby forest. I sat in a large maroon chair, my eyes focusing on nothing but her. She was blessed with ponds of green flecks that swam in her earthen eyes, a small but feminine chest, and dark red hair that flowed to her collarbone.  Her petite head was propped upon her smooth forearms and her stomach, pudgy but appealing lay on the mattress as she kicked her legs in a smooth but playful fashion like a swimmer staying afloat.  Our relationship was not focused around sex, though she was beautiful to me and I let her know so. It should be obvious I’m not of the modest sort, bragging about my fires as Monet’s and the like but my thought process truly is extravagant. I loved Alexis and she deserved to know what had been weighing me down as of the last week. Michael? Are you awake? Answer me baby, please she pleaded.  I rose from the comfort of the chair, and leaned until my bitter eyes were eye level with her sympathetic mint pupils. I let out a sigh, grinned and kissed her on her sweet, small nose. I killed a dog Alexis. A Chihuahua actually, I was…why are you laughing? Alexis raised a trimmed eyebrow a few inches from my face, replying, Chihuahuas are barely dogs. Kill a collie and get back to me. I was used to Alexis being harsh, and she knew where my buttons are, and how to push them.  I got over it and continued I was killing a man who denied a doctor in the group ‘Doctors Without Borders’ a loan. Those people are helping the helpless, and this sick bastard denies a selfless man the ability to pursue his dreams of aiding people who need it. The man had a dog in the house, I didn’t notice, and the dog is dead because of me. I could have prevented this. Alexis thought for a moment, replying I should have killed the banker for just having a shitty taste in animals.
You’ve sat across your coffee table from your significant other, laughing at the Gary Larson comic, thinking Holy shit, that Blackjack dealer is going to be pissed when he notices that the chicken and cow are counting cards, and the love of your life disagrees. This is funny, in fact she thinks it’s childish, and she returns to her analysis of the socioeconomic disparities of workers in Mother Jones. She doesn’t think it is too funny, and for an instant you want to murder her for her lack of humor. You really love her, even during those insane moments of clarity, but sometimes you wished she’d just laugh with you. I love animals; they eat when they’re hungry, sleep when they’re tired and generally don’t give a fuck what you think. Humans are the exception, we are self conscious, eat if it fits our diet of the month and sleep when we feel we’ve worked hard enough to impress coworkers. Alexis’ comment rooted itself as a cancer in my brain, and it will only leave when I die.  I don’t murder Alexis, but accept that maybe she has flaws, and her occasional lapse in humanity is among them. I sometimes crease the tops of books I read.


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  2. you, my friend, are the grandmaster of fiction.

  3. I'm already following you Smitty! I'm not sure where you got your "how to argue" post from, but my girlfriend and I found it entertaining. If it's your work, keep it up, I'll try to remind myself to check your page more often. I have a few more pieces to add on my own blog daily, and the absolute worst case scenario is I have to write new content!

  4. wow, I read the whole story! was long, but well worth it!


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